Scene managment....?...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2150.7 In reply to 2150.6 
Hi Pilou,

> No unity (cm, mmm...) somewhere?

Actually I do have those now - I just had my units set to "No unit system".

If you have units set, a small label will appear at the end of the Size: control:

Also units labels will show up in the bottom toolbar after the x,y,z point and distance controls:

And also after distance/length type input fields in command options, like here is one for drawing a circle:

> Colors can be chosen ? (define)

I'm not sure... I probably won't be able to do any kind of GUI editor for them but maybe read them in from a text file that you could customize if you want.

> What meaning "CRV"?

It's short for "Curve". There is not much space in that area, so I have needed to use some contractions there.

- Michael