Scene managment....?...

 From:  Michael Gibson
Some pretty good progress on object properties today.

This shows the size readout changing when sizing an object, and the current concept for editing visual properties (the style editing part is just an empty UI right now, that part is not hooked up yet).

The general idea is that a "Style" will set bundle of visual properties all in one shot.

You can also edit properties individually by going to the other tabs below Styles. Currently there will just be Colors there but in the future more stuff can get added there such as "Lines", or "Textures".

I'm thinking that there will be 2 options for how the styles get created - you can go to a "Style editor" dialog by pressing that "Edit styles" button to change styles or create a new one, but I would also like to make a new style available anytime you go in and set some individual properties directly (like going to the color tab). So for instance if you go in and set a custom color, then after that an entry for that will show up in Styles to make it easy to pick that same color for other objects. It should be a quick way to make a style without actually needing to go to the full editor... That's the current idea anyway.

Still needs some work though!

- Michael