Scene managment....?...

 From:  Michael Gibson
2150.4 In reply to 2150.3 
Hi Steve, well that was one idea...

But I've been hoping though that I will be able to get at least a part of the properties stuff done for this release, so I keep on waiting for just a bit more to see if I can get it working better, etc...

I do actually have quite a bit of the underlying stuff working, like you can assign object names, the type and size display works, and properties can be assigned to sub-objects and persist through operations such as booleans.

It is the visual style property part that is still not finished yet that is holding things up.

Some of the ideas that I had earlier I don't think will hold up quite so well when additional types of properties are added later on. So I've been a little bit back to the drawing board a couple of times. But I think I'm on a pretty good track at the moment, actually kind of using the styles and formatting mechanism in Microsoft Word as a model.

I think I may know by the end of today whether the current track is going to work or not.

- Michael