FBX file format - need 3DS Max test

 From:  Michael Gibson
1958.5 In reply to 1958.3 
Hi PaQ, thanks for testing in Max!

Yup, looks absolutely perfect - all n-gons and normals look totally intact and proper there, great!!!

Is there a way to turn on a display of face normals to see which direction they are pointing? Can you take a look at that and see if they are all pointing outwards as expected? That would just be nice to verify as well.

The only thing that is not quite perfect with FBX is that it seems that it doesn't have a structure that allows for a full welding because it doesn't look like 2 adjacent polygons can share the same 3d point but have a separate shading vertex normal for each face. But that would only be apparent if you started dragging vertices around, for rendering directly it does not make a difference. If you need to weld coincident points you can use Max's built in weld/merge vertices function for it anyway.

The kind of annoying thing is that this is actually all the same data as is already written to OBJ, there really isn't a good reason why they should not be reading in the OBJ data just as well as this... But anyway it will be nice to finally have a really good option for bringing data into Max with the high quality true vertex normal shading which makes such a significant difference.

I guess the only other thing left to see is if its n-gon handling is up to snuff for handling really complex n-gons or not. But judging from the initial result it may be good at it.

- Michael