FBX file format - need 3DS Max test

 From:  Michael Gibson
1958.27 In reply to 1958.26 
Hi Isaac,

> btw... is this going to be an fbx importer for moi as well?

No, just export to fbx in polygons only for now.

Re: seams in XSI - with those seams being visible it looks like XSI does not read in vertex normal shading information from an fbx file, unless you can find some option for "vertex normals" or "user normals" that you can enable.

XSI will read in vertex normals from an OBJ file though, so I think that OBJ will work better for transferring from MoI into into XSI rather than FBX.

But I should actually be able to make an improvement to FBX export to weld points that share the same normals like along the sphere though, that would remove the seam in this case. You should also be able to use XSI's own built-in weld or "merge vertices" type function to do the same thing and make the averaged normals go across that boundary also.

- Michael