FBX file format - need 3DS Max test

 From:  Michael Gibson
1958.24 In reply to 1958.23 
Hi Luca,

> Does it change something in the way we pass the
> model between the two apps?

No, actually that particular thing does not make any difference - MoI's new FBX exporter will write polygon data to the .fbx file, not NURBS data directly.

I think most programs that read .fbx files will be expecting it to contain polygons and not NURBS surfaces.

If you want to get NURBS data into Max, I think that is already possible currently with using the IGES file format? But I think most people will want to export polygon data from MoI into Max so that you can take advantage of MoI's more advanced meshing mechanism such as creating n-gon meshes...

- Michael