Problem with filleting (again) [Modeling Pot de cuisine)

 From:  sayd (PEBBL)

I tried to follow this tutorial, but i fail in the beginning.

Two rectangles are set up and a ball. The three objects are merged and not needed parts are deleted. After this the remaining circles are filleted.
And here comes the problem. If i merge them the circles are not fully closed. The pic shows what i mean. No problem, i thought and marked and joined them. So far so good, but when im now trying to fillet the circle, it wont!
In the tutorial the circles are not parted. Why are they parted here in my file?


Shortly tested: If i join the parted circles, a copy of the joined circle is created, which of course cant be filleted. So i delete the circle but then the cirlce on the object is still parted and cant be filleted.
So i deleted the circle plane and replaned and joined it and it was possible to fillet but trying it again on the other side didnt work.

Main question is: Why cant the sides by filleted when merging a ball with rectangles?

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