From:  Michael Gibson
1479.2 In reply to 1479.1 
Hi lyes, it is possible to add icons to the bottom viewport menu (in addition or instead of Pan/Zoom/etc).

To do this you would open up the ViewControls.htm file in a text editor like notepad, it is in the \ui subfolder underneath MoI's main installation folder.

When you open it, you will see there are several entries for the existing buttons, that look like <moi:CommandButton> - you can add new ones of these to make new buttons.

There is also some information on customizing the UI here:

Let me know if you need help adding something specific.

Right now there is not any way to add icons to the top or side of the viewport, that would require some special code that knew about those buttons and did the moving and sizing of them to place them along the viewport.

> or tools based on selected object and are dynamic like contex menu

This one also is not possible currently because it needs special cooperation with the selection code. But a properties panel that is context sensitive to the selected object is a priority for v2 though.

- Michael