Surface and PolySurface

 From:  lyes (BLYESS)
hi michael i have been modling with moi for weeks and is fantastic specially top down designe aproche
i have tried many mcad software but nothing can match MOI simple flixble powerfull,
there is few things to sort it out hop so:
1- add remove points from surface (isocurve)
2- change surface UV degree with preset like , soft U2 V2 ,normal U3 V3,hard U4 V4 surface .
soft surface is good for sharp edges in single surface
3- change nember off UV and degree on creation off , cylinder ,sphere ,box ,toro
4- color , reflextion ,transparency for surface polysurface
5- groop ungroup objects
6-fix filet and shell
7-stitch surfaces
8- join or heal trimed surface edges

offset surface edge will create curve

I added flash video tankyou.