unable to create direct 3d9 device?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi RyGuy,

This means that your video card does not support the minimum features that MoI needs in order to operate, or that there was some problem in communicating with your video card.

Sometimes it is possible to upgrade your video driver to the newest version to make it work better, you might give that a try. I think that 845g is the name of your motherboard chipset, the video card part will have some slightly different name like "82945G Express" or something like that, you can find out by going to Control Panel / Display / Settings / the name will be shown there under the Display: label.

Once you know which one you've got, it looks like you can go here: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/index.htm to download the newest drivers for that video subsystem.

Also if you can let me know which one it is I can give you some more information on whether MoI is supposed to work on that card or whether you need a newer card.

> it says moi works with low level gaming cards too?

It does, but your video card is not a gaming card, yours is what is called an "integrated graphics" card which is basically something that is a low powered economy card that is built right into the motherboard. These types of video systems are generally slower than a dedicated video card. (although they are much better in brand new systems, but I think your system is around 6 years old or so? At that point the integrated graphics systems were much much slower).

Generally to run MoI you need a video card that is only around 5 years old or so.

You will probably need to upgrade your system to have a new video card to use MoI (and probably to use any 3D graphics focused software really).

MoI actually doesn't need very much video horsepower to run, there are plenty of $30 cards that will run it fine, it just happens that your one is way on the most bare bones side of things.

Anyway, if you can let me know your specific video card version I can give you some better information.

- Michael