Two questions......

 From:  Michael Gibson
1220.2 In reply to 1220.1 
Hi mushroomgod!

> Is there a way to pick part of an actual curve and snap it to another object/spline?

There is a way to pick a spot directly on a curve and drag it, check out this post for some information:

You can also just redraw a brand new "through points" curve and use the new point for the newly drawn one.

I do want to make it possible to edit the original "through points" - that will come eventually with some more history editing functionality.

> I know how Join works, but is there a way to say rebuild to joined objects
> into one object, not 2 objects that are simple connected?

Sorry no, there is no way to do this currently. In V2 I want to work on a "Merge" command which would do this job.

- Michael