Hello, and a couple of questions.

 From:  Michael Gibson
1166.2 In reply to 1166.1 
Hi Steve, welcome to MoI and I'm glad you're having fun with it!

> I saw a screen shot in a thread that showed layers, but I don't see
> them anywhere and I see a lot of people requesting them. Have they been implemented yet?

Nope, version 1.0 doesn't have any layers. It's not really something that can be added with just a script.

Adding a set of object organization and grouping tools is going to be one of the biggest priorities for version 2.0 though.

For version 1.0 I wanted to focus a lot on making things work well for simple models to start with.

Maybe the screenshot that you saw was a suggestion that someone sent in for how layers could work in v2?

- Michael