UI, Icons, Etc.

 From:  Jon Banquer (JON_BANQUER)

I can't believe it! Still no Vargas icons! ;>)

Anyway... glad the UI was a much bigger priority this time out.

What I really like is how the number pad shows up when you need to enter a number. I would like to see this as an option that could be turned on for non-tablet UI's as well. Sometimes typing numbers can be a real PITA. When using Photoshop I appreciate the "scrubbies".

Maybe you could convince NPower to let you create a new UI of their Rhino Add-ins as I feel they would be much more popular with a UI overhaul. UI stuff does not seem to be their strength. They are really nice people and I would like to see their Rhino stuff be more accepted.

Jon Banquer
Phoenix, Arizona

EDITED: 25 Jul 2006 by JON_BANQUER