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;[http://kyticka.webzdarma.cz/3d/moi/ Petr's MoI Page]
;[http://kyticka.webzdarma.cz/3d/moi/ Petr's MoI Page]
:An extensive collection of MoI scripts.
:An extensive collection of MoI scripts.
;[http://dmorrill.com/moi MoI Javascript API]
:This is an unofficial project by David Morrill (david dot morrill at gmail dot com) that attempts to document the MoI Javascript API. This presents the same information found in the moi.idl file, but with more organization and detail. It features extensive linking between API classes as well as expanding/collapsing levels of information detail. Note: click the little ? icon at the top of the API page for information on how to navigate the page's contents.
;[http://dmorrill.com/videos/link_test.html MoI External Scripting Interface]
:Another project by David Morrill, this one focused on creating an external scripting interface for MoI.

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This can be a place to collect information about scripting in MoI.

There isn't any official documentation available for scripting (there probably won't be for quite a while yet), but you can download the moi.idl file which contains a list of all interfaces available to scripts and their properties and methods.

In addition, the following community provided resources are available:

Petr's MoI Page
An extensive collection of MoI scripts.