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Bee Inspired!   by by "Majik" Mike Maynard - K4ICY         View full size

A "Bee Inspired" boom box.
This model took me one month to construct and another month to render (in my spare time).

Basic Features Include:

• 2x 8" 150 watt high-performance woofers & 4 Piezo tweeter elements
• Basic LCD display and key interface via app control from PC
• On-Board micro-PC and necessary peripheral units, upgradeable/update-able software, firmware and hardware
• 12v/20a output switching power-supply with crowbar/fuse protection circuit
• Anderson PowerPole 12v connectors with back-flow electronic power management circuitry allowing for automobile and battery use
• Versatile media porting system
• Dual Wi-Fi antennas / Wi-Fi router with DSL and single NIC port
• Detachable FM antenna via BNC RF port allowing for external antenna source
• Modular housing with custom quarter-turn case screws allowing for service and customization
• Quiet ported fan ventilation system


• 6x USB 3.0
• HDMI HD video out - routed via Wi-Fi from PC-based app.
• Standard RCA NTSC/PAL TV out
• Single-channel RCA cable stereo audio cable ports, in/out with auxiliary and Dolby 1.5 surround routing
• BNC RF in for FM/AM demodulator module
• Anderson PowerPole in/out and AC-120/240 fused, internal fusing
• 3.5m audio ports for headphones, Line in/out and stereo microphone
• DSL and 10/1000 NIC port

Deluxe Model Feature Enhancements:

• Special LED accent lighting (RGB) full-color, PC controlled for effects.
• HD 1080(p)x1920 mini-LCD monitor direct from internal PC (HDMI) output.
• Internal high-performance Sound-Blaster sound-card.
• External Sub-Woofer/Surround-Sound port

Color Options:

• Orange high-gloss plastic housing / Black matte coating on titanium trim with micro-glitter / Chrome-plated speaker grills
• Semi-gloss plastic housing with embedded micro glitter / Color-changing green-to-yellow iridescent Mylar coating on titanium trim / Powder-coated high gloss yellow speaker grills