Moi Enthusiasts "Mesh" Together   by "Majik" Mike Maynard         View full size

The mesh object on top of the featured audio speaker is an exhibition of the power of MoI V3 Beta's new Flow tool.

Many whom graced the forum entry tried their hands at the export and rendering of this slightly complex model.

Presented is a simple visual comparison of different rendering platforms.

In order:
1) My screen-shot example
2) M-Dynamics (Gold Mesh)
3) Ed Ferguson (KeyShot, Grill separate)
4) Ed Ferguson (KeyShot, Grill combined)
5) OSTexo (Thearender 1.1)
6) BurrMan (3D Coat)
7) Grendel (Carrara)
8) Phil (Octane)
9) DanPerk (Modo Render)
10) Majik Mike (Kerkythea Boost)

Thank you guys! Hope I got everyone.

See the tutorial:

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