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 From:  Michael Gibson
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This file doesn't seem to be available from your server, can you post it again?

#2 - Split - I think that Edit/Trim will do what you want here. For example, you can have a surface, trim it with a curve to cut it into pieces, and then when you come to the spot where you can select which piece to remove, just push "Done" to keep all the pieces behind.

Let me know if that isn't what you were talking about.

#3 - Planar - Planar will cap a hole in a surface or a solid but only if the hole is a planar closed loop. If there is a non-planar hole you want to fill, you'll need to create a surface there using lofting or sweeping along the edge curves to construct the fill-in piece.

#4 - Select edges - Eventually there will be more tools to select edges, such as a helper to select a chain of edges connected to the currently selected one. But it will probably be a while before these tools are available.

- Michael
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