Somewhat off topic, affordable STL editor? ( Well, I'd like to clean up meshs from moi for 3d printing )

 From:  Crusoe the Painter (CRUSOE)
MagicS costs a mint, and seems to lack the ability to cut meshs apart for rp printing.

MeshLab is free and stable, but it has very basic editing.

The standalong meshworks editor from fp solutions crashes whenever I try and perform an operation. It's a bug-ridden piece of junk.

Is there a nice STL editor out there that doesn't cost a mint?

Maybe Michael should write one... ;) I'd buy it.

Or at least, some collapse edges and a 'relax' option so Moi doesn't export stls with self-intersecting tris. Say if a tri is narrower than X, collapse the narrow edge together. :)
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