Is there a way to control lighting in MOI?
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mike, it is possible to set up a keyboard shortcut to change the light direction.

To do it, go to Options / Shortcut keys, and add in a new one. Use whatever key you want (for example, L) - and for the command paste in this:

script:var dir = moi.view.lightDirection; if ( dir.x == 1 && dir.y == 1 && dir.z == -1 ) { dir.set(-0.5,1,0); } else { dir.set(1,1,-1); } moi.view.lightDirection = dir;

Now the light direction will flip between the regular and an alternate direction every time you push L.

There are a variety of other scripts that Petr has collected here: .

- Michael
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