Moorish fretwork

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Moorish Fretwork

This project harkens back to 1885 furniture designs of Moses Ransom, who used spiral wooden rods, woven, or screwed, into various patterns. The original rods were made on a lathe, often using 7/8 inch round wood stock. The rods may have had a nephroid profile, or a circular profile. There are original pictures, and also pictures of an artists 2003 Rhino models. No .3dm file has been located other than the current ones.

Moorish Fretwork:

Moorish Fretwork Revisited:

Video by Rinus Roelofs, with "circular" cross section

Another video

An alternative use is made of the BottleFeedArray script, to mimic the rods, using a modified half nephroid. The BottleFeedArray script has similarities to a lathe.
The nephroid script, was used to create the nephroid. To better represent the rods, the bottom of the nephroid was cut off, and the corners filleted, at .05.
In Front view, a horizontal helix of 7/8 inch height was used, of length 10 inches, and pitch 2 inches, right handed. In 3D view, a short line segment was located at the helix start, tangent to the helix end.
In Front view, the top center of the nephroid was placed at the beginning of the helix, and in Top view, the nephroid was rotated to be perpendicular to the tangent line segment. The pre-rotated, modified half nephroid is the "bottle." The BottleFeedArray script was used next, at 200 count, zero rotation. Then loft was applied to all of the resulting curves. Alternatively, a pre-rotated circle could be used, instead of the modified nephroid. A pre-rotated circle, with its center at the beginning of a smaller helix, could also be sweep on a helix, with similar results to treating the circle as a "bottle." Sweeping the nephroid does not seem to work properly. The ends could be BlendCapped.
The right hand spiral rods resulting from the above, is the horizontal component of the "weave." The left handed Mirror of the right handed rod is the vertical component of the "weave". (Or vice versa) Placing points at the high and low points of the helix helps in alignment. A hex weave is also possible.
Pitch of the helix can also be varied. Array used.

Note, The _Nephroid script is a slightly modified _Epitrochoid script.
The _Epitrochoid script does not properly place "corner" points on variations which have "cusp" points, such as the nephroid, etc.

- Brian

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