Sample models wanted for rendering tutorial

 From:  stevie (CADEZBV)
Dear Moi users, experts, and fans like us

for our free training video's of unicorn render software we are looking nice Moi 3D models.
The goal is to show how to make a fotorealistic model out of any Moi 3D file. And maybe what is the preparation to let it be smooth.

Of course you as a designer will be mentioned in the video like "thanks to XXXX (yourname + website) supplying the Moi 3D model file"

Sample done with 3D warehouse model sketchup.

Complete training showing unicorn:

of course if you are interested in this software we can give you extra support learning it as well, let's be fruitfull together on that!
Dor students is free and there is free testversions with logo or trial 14 days without logo etc.

most thanks to anyone replying to

CADez BV, dutch reseller moi3d/unicorn/sketchup/vray/arc+/twinmotion etc etc.
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