New Jul-27 version available
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 From:  Michael Gibson
806.6 In reply to 806.5 
Hi Hans, that's great news! Shortly I will release a new Aug-1 build that has a couple other minor fixes, it looks like I am now all caught up with bug fixes for the time being.

> Now I'm very curious what might have caused this strange behaviour
> of the Jul-27 version on my system, especially since apperently sofar
> I'm the only one with this problem since no similar cases have been
> reported on this forum until now!?

One other person had reported it here: .

I had tweaked some security related settings with that build to try and solve the script error problems that some people were seeing. Some of those tweaks seemed to have a bad interaction with some configurations, I guess things are getting in a loop or doing an excessive number of security check calls. Anyway with this new build I have isolated the script error problem and applied just the particular workaround needed to make that work right.

These have actually all been really minor changes, but they involved changing some settings for how some system components interact with each other.

I'm glad that it is all resolved now!

- Michael
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