Open call to design your own 3D printed tower to be exhibited in New York

 From:  grandpi (PIERREARCHI)
" ...Wide Open Arts is looking for designers to submit their own 3D printable buildings, which will be judged by independent artist and curator, Leah Gordon, to be exhibited at the forthcoming Outsider Art Fair, which will take place in New York City between January 21-24, 2016. Due to material restrictions, towers must be structurally sound, and not contain too many overhangs or thin areas—just like real buildings, come to think of it. The full list of submission requirements can be found on this page. The best designs will be passed on to Williamsburg, New York based 3D printing studio Voodoo Manufacturing, which will 3D print every tower of the AM city. The vertically imperious 3D printed municipality will then be exhibited at the fair early next year... "

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Nice project to explore MOI possibilities !

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