Can I sculpt?
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Matt, MoI is not really particularly suited for this type of stuff.

You don't really "sculpt" in MoI, instead it uses a technique more like drawing or illustration. You tend to draw curves and then construct objects based on those curves.

To get what you show there, you would need to build it more in individual sections, like for example here I have taken one little section and added a few profile curves sticking up vertically, and then used sweep to create a surface there:

If you constructed each sort of lobe like this, that would be closer to what you want I think.

But your result looks a lot like a type of relief design, you will have a lot easier job using different tools that are more oriented towards making relief designs. One program that is good at doing those is ArtCAM. There is also a free program called ZSurf which might be able to do a good job for you, see here for info on it: These programs are more like sculpting - they take a shaded bitmap as input and create a more sculpted type output that responds to the different colors in the bitmap. That makes it easier to control a relief with more subtle raised areas and a kind of bubble type effect.

Also a subdivision surface polygon modeler like Silo or Modo is based a lot more on sculpting type mechanisms, those might work well for you.

If you want to do a more sort of stylized intarsia type relief, you could try slicing your extrusion with different profiles to give it more depth than just the plain extrusion, here is a thread with some information on using that technique with MoI:

Hope this helps!

- Michael

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