Re: London VFX Workshop

 From:  Rich (-RB-)
Hi all,

Not really MoI related directly (well, kind of) but I'm organising an event in London that is really a showcase of some of the talent we have around here and a place to hang, learn and talk 2D/3D junk.

Myself and a few other concept artists are fans of Michael's solid piece of coding, so we're giving away a few free licenses, along with the usual ZBrush, 3D Coat, Substance, SketchUp etc. Hopefully I'll be able to get a break in the schedule so I can jump on a screen and do some modelling.

But anyway, if you're a fan of such things, or know anyone who is, just a note that we are on and it really is a great weekend with free coffee, booze, and food also.


- Rich
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