Solve lake of instancied Component Moi to SKetchup! ;)

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
Here a little trick that can help you ;)
The use of the cool plugin by Thomthom Components Comparison

As there are not yet system of instance of Objects / Component/ Group in Moi3D for export to Sketchup we must make a little tricky thing! :)

Say I have 2 Objects (here a cube duplicated) in Moi3D, I export them in 3DS Format
Import in Sketchup / Explode one time
so we have 2 Components triangulated named OBJ1, OBJ2
Launch the Components Comparaison and Bingo we have now instancied Components!
Triangulation can be cleaned by plugin Clean Up by Thomthom again!

Result will be the same with 2 different cubes but with the sames dimensions! ;)

With more complex objects there is something more to make!
That is failing or one object is rotated!
Failed ? :o

Rotated ? :o

For resolve this you must just find the good tolerance inside the Thomthom pluging! Don't hesitate to increase it!

Of course many objects can be treated in the same time as Shown in this Chri's Video! ;)
The start Moi3D objects (fixed image)

Process in Sketchup!

EDITED: 14 Jan 2015 by PILOU

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