Jacobian Elliptic Functions graph script

 From:  bemfarmer
This script creates a graph of 3 of the 12 Jacobian Elliptic Functions. They are the inverses of elliptic integrals.
Also graphed is the amplitude am, split into two curves. It reaches PI.
The curves are coded by color. The user should have at least 5 style colors defined.
The elliptic modulus may be entered. It should be from 0 to 1, but negatives work. For >1, no curves are drawn.
I think of the script as a demonstration using lots of previous help from Michael.
I still do not understand a lot of the scripting.
There is no guarantee that the graph is correct. It looks correct.
Other references compress the x axis.
Curves cross the x axis at K, 2K, 3K, and 4K, where K is the complete elliptic integral.

- Brian

Now maybe I'll complete a more useful script, also involving elliptic integrals :-)

Script updated per Michaels help. Now runs on MoI4BetaNov18_2017

EDITED: 27 Nov 2017 by BEMFARMER

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