Most legendary car render competition

 From:  leksanski
Hi all,

I want to invite you to take part in a competition on the best vehicle render. Since a lot of nice works were created in Moi3D in previous competition I think it would be interested for you (hope you remember this great gun).

More information about event you can find here and below:

Participants are challenged to model and render an automobile that they consider to be legendary and explain why this vehicle is so important to them. Jury expect to see family stories, children’s dreams or detailed reconstructions of historical events. After all, an automobile becomes legendary when there is a story connected with it: your favorite book or movie character had it, or, for instance, your grandpa, maybe it just was on this shabby poster from your childhood…

Such competition can’t go without great prizes. The winner will get:

License of KeyShot render;
Maxwell Render Suite V3 Node Locked license;
Full license of Marmoset Toolbag 2;
Allegorithmic Substance Indie Pack;
License of TopoGun;
Work and Interview will be published in 3DArtist magazine;
Quxel SUITE licenses;
12 month subscriptions to 3dcreative;
3ds Max Projects book;
Standard book of winner’s choice from Ballistic Publishing;
500 RenderPoints for RebusFarm;
CGSociety Connect Membership;
3 X CGTraining On Demand;
Any 2 images sets (MAG) for portfolio usage from Maground.


The works are accepted until the 1st of December 2014.
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