it's quite a long time...
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 From:  naxos
good to read man !

concerning fillets, i'll wait.... i have faith in you ;-)

oh, also...

july will be the time for me to list hardware and softwares to be involved in next schoolyear at pole3d (

my large installation process is planned on september : i install a master for each diff. PC we have (3 kinds), then i ghost all that onto our 110 PCs...

i do want Moi3D to be THE Nurbs modeller @ pole3D, and i can wait for final version to buy it (ok, not really 110 are needed... Nurbs are for section 2 (40+-))...
problem is : if final is not released, i can't buy it.
if beta is still on the way, i'll have to reinstall new version every month +-... on 40 PCs (ghost is good for first time copy, not for just one software)...

to be clear : i'm not telling you you should speed up or somewhat... take your time : moi3D is a great tool, don't let money/time stuff turn this into other thing..

just maybe we could find an agreement so we could both be happy... network license, or help with network installation so only one soft is to be re-installed...

please let me knwo, ok ?
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