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 From:  Michael Gibson
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> Is there a mirror command?

I just added one, you can download the new Jul-23 version and it should have a mirror command now. Mirroring can be kind of slow right now, I'll see if I can fix it up to work faster after Siggraph.

> I used moi and still having the problem when selecting a tool (ie.
> circle or extrude) it does not respond for a sec or two

I have a couple of changes in the Jul-23 version that might help with this, but I'm not sure. Please let me know if it is still happening with the new version.

One other idea - are you running any kind of anti-virus or anti-spyware checkers? If you are, can you please try turning them off temporarily and see if that solves the problem or not?

I'm glad that the Rhino file compatibility is working well for you!

> Is on your plans to add support for free render engines? or maybe
> a direct save to blender?, I'll comment on this because I haven't found
> a true option to render nurbs

I'm afraid that I probably won't be able to get these features in to the V1 release of MoI... The V1 release is going to be focused very much on just creating geometry and not on rendering at all yet. I expect to add more rendering-related features in future versions.

> Thanks and great work, I think you'll be very busy at siggraph.

Thank you very much!!

- Michael
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