Shortcut for toggle snap to self only
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi DesuDeus, sorry there is nothing currently set up in the snap mechanism to control snapping on or off on just one individual object.

Your best bet for something like this where you have other object interfering with your work is to hide everything else other than your object, hidden things do not get snapped to so that would then limit snapping to just that object like you're looking for.

A quick method to do this kind of hiding is to select your object then right-click on the Edit > Hide button. The right-click there does an "Isolate" operation where it will hide everything else other than the selected object, letting you focus more directly just on it. When you do an "Isolate" it also maintains a memory of how things were configured before the Isolate and when you trigger it a second time it will restore everything to that previous state.

So select your object, right-click on Hide, do your move, then right-click on Hide again. That process can work for focusing on one object for doing any kind of operation on it, not just snapping.

- Michael
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