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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Stephen, IncrementalSave is pretty simple, if there is no number at the end of the current filename, it will rename it to filename01.3dm .

But if there is a number at the end of the filename it will increment it, so that you will get files like filename02.3dm filename03.3dm, etc...

It works that way if there is any number at the end, it has no way of knowing that some numbers might mean something different to you than a version number, if it sees numbers at the end of the name it just tries to increment those for the new name.

> If I save a file has "cross type3.3dm" if i then hit incremental save the new file will become
> "cross type04.3dm" rather then "cross type3 01.3dm"....

Yup, that's how it's intended to work - your filename ended in a number, it sees the number and then it increments it.

> I had used the year at the end of the file i.e 2012 and the incremental
> saves became 2013, 2014, 2015 :)

Yup, same thing there - you've got a number at the end of the filename and so it thinks that it's a number label and increments it.

It doesn't have any way to know that your 2012 was meant to be a year label instead of a version number.

- Michael
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