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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi motorsep,

> One thing I am wondering about if I can get model out of MoI into OBJ file <....>

Yup, MoI supports writing to OBJ format, you just do a "Save As" and pick OBJ format.

> I guess I saw quite a few vids of people making some cool stuff in Sketchup and I
> haven't really seen videos of people doing the same in MoI. Therefore I am wondering
> about its workflow.

There are links to some videos collected here:

To get an overview of the general workflow I would recommend watching the tutorials that are part of the regular documentation, you can find them here:

The basic workflow is that you start out by drawing curves, then form solids from those curves by using some to construct objects (like extruding, lofting, revolving, sweeping), and use some curves as cutting objects to cut out holes or slice away portions and combine pieces together using boolean operations and use filleting to round off sharp corners.

It's a much different workflow from polygon modeling, it's much more a "drawing and construction" type workflow where more of your model is controlled by 2D curves. So it tends to fit very well with mechanical parts that are well defined by 2D profile curves for different features and holes and such.

> Oh, and I am wondering if MoI comes in 64bit flavor for Windows and if Linux version will be coming any time soon? Thanks.

There is only a 32-bit version of MoI. I do not currently plan on having a Linux only version anytime soon, but the Windows v3 release will run on Linux using Wine as long as you have a good and stable enough video driver.

- Michael
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