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 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
Welcome aboard Scall!

Yes, there are quite a few tutorials in the Resources section of this site:
They are worth a good study.

Your example shown can be designed very well using MoI. Not to sound too Zen, but the path to enlightenment is made with smaller steps of understanding.

If you are looking for modeling methods that yield more organic results and intricate complexity then applications that work with polygon-based modes like SUB-D (3DS-Max) or VOXELs (Z-Brush) would be your best choice.

MoI 3D works with NURBS or pure curves and surfaces - geared towards more mechanical creation, but with a great ability to work with curved surfaces.
Robots, Mecha and space suits are well suited on their core design level for NURBS, and if that's the result you're satisfied with then MoI is for you.
Consequently, MoI can export your creations for use in programs that can take the surfaces and smaller details to the next level, that's the beauty of it.

MoI is intended to be and 'enjoyable and easy to use' PART of your creative tool set and and to some degree, works in unison with other creation methods.

Just look at the Gallery section to see for yourself:
Those results were modeled with MoI!
Give yourself time to learn the basics, and you'll come to appreciate MoI.
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