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 From:  FelixPQ (FELIX)

I think my registry could be messed-up. Not only AI files now but all files other then 3DM are not associated with MOI. I tried the uninstall reinstall process a couple of time now. Could it be the installation part that deals with registering all file type Moi can open and creating the required association needed?

It seems the installation created several keys like ai_auto_file, igs_auto_file, etc. but only the .3DM file type as the "Moi3DMFile.1" key. I also noticed other file type Moi can open have the aug 24 version in the data field instead of the newest version I've installed.

I would have thought by reinstalling Moi all this would have been done automatically but as you know I'm no expert on this.

Edit: I think I got it and it as to do with Aug 24 version ( that I removed recently), I've edited the registery to use the oct 25 2011 version now. I'll try the same with all other reference to the old version and change it to the new version. I suppose it will work fine now (and it does). But still, Michael as the earlier beta 3 version expire, it would be nice if all this was automated somehow or maybe it would be possible to remove older version as we install newer ones or whatever is needed to simplify our life.


EDITED: 5 Mar 2012 by FELIX

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