New Moi3d user trying to use moi3d in ubuntu 11.10
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 From:  bigseb
>> If you're using the latest version 3 beta, then you shouldn't need to do any of this, the current v3 release is set to run with Wine right out of the box without any further things needing to be installed, but it needs to have a good functioning video driver in order to work properly.<<

This is true. I am also running MoI V3 beta in Linux (Mint 12) without a hitch and no winetricks. Generally if you get problems like you show in your screen shot its because of bad video drivers. Update to the latest drivers. If that doesn't work then delete the .wine directory in your home folder and re-install MoI without any winetricks. Better still, create a new wine prefix just for Moi.
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