Cinema4D Challenge - Thunderstorm disaster. Win a VrayforC4D license.

 From:  Rich_Art
Hi All,

We've started a new years challenge with VrayForC4D as a 1st prize.
If you ever had plans to buy Vray, this is your chance to win it for free.
The contest starts on Sunday January 15th and runs until Thursday February 28th (GMT +1).

The Challenge,
Heavy rain pours down relentlessly.
The deep rolling rumbling roar of thunder is still at a distance,
but you know it's closing in as the winds come up swelling.

Whistling, swaying branches, sweeping up debris,
faster and faster in a blind fury of turbulent rage.

All of a sudden the lightning strikes...
Snap. Crackle. Pop.

Please visit C4DLounge to read the complete challenge information.

Direct link to the challenge thread.

Free sign up needed to participate the challenge.

Rich_Art. :-)

PS: Thanks to Michael for allow me to announce it here on the Moi3D forum.

EDITED: 14 Jan 2012 by RICH_ART

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