MMCX Connector Tut?
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi OSTexo,

> Smaller number of objects works all the time, I'll send
> over a base file with one row of objects and you are then
> able to duplicate the objects to test out?

Yeah that should work.

> I am getting some weird Boolean errors as well using Twist,
> maybe the solid to be cut is too complex for the cutting
> object?

It's probably something more like edges that go through the deformer engine are not getting a tight enough accuracy between their UV parameter space curves and their deformed 3D edge curves. If that's the case then I may need to change how edges are deformed.

I'll probably need some test cases in order to make changes like that, to make sure that I'm actually solving the problem and not actually making things worse instead.

- Michael
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