From:  bemfarmer
Using the sinewave script, was finally able to create a 3D sine wave.
The 1 by 1 tile, attached, can be used with the array command.

First use the sinewave script to create a sinewave. Used 5 for amplitude. (Note that amplitude does not show up as 5 in the graph, due to circumference of a circle and pi.) Length of 20 is good. Numcycles = 2 is good.

Next, copy the sinewave along the diagonal, at the quarter wavelength, 5 units.

Trim to one cycle with two lines.

Rotate all 5 sinewaves 90 degrees, with copy, counterclockwise with origin.
SWAP the second and third vertical sinewaves, (so phases will match in next step.)

Next move the 5 vertical sinewaves to the right.
Run network command.
With the array command, can hook together multiple "tiles."
Don't know if these steps can be done with one big script?



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