Trimmed Surface Restoration
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 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
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Thank a million Michael!

That was so easy, I'm not surprised I missed that ability all this time.

I played around with it and found out how using ShrinkTrimmedSrf in conjunction with it can give you neat residual surfaces to work from when bringing back the (secondary) trim surfaces themselves from the dead.

Speaking of the seams...

I can hide them individually as sometimes they seem to be more or less clutter on an object. But then again, when they are useful, you need to see them there.
If I could make a teensie request, it would be to allow for a separate coloration setting in the .ini. I myself might make them a barely visible gray.
Or turn them off from visibility completely, say, unless you select the whole object then it is visible.
But this is just the "modder" in me asking. :-)

Thanks again!
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