MOI for presentation of model: How to hide the interface?
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 From:  Ambimind
Hi Michael,

Thank you for such a detailed explanation. Reading it makes me realize the incredible difficulties you face in making something easy(ironically)/intuitive to use. Not doubt the complex juggling act(many simultaneous considerations) could only be dealt with by a mind who has spent years in careful consideration and testing - and thereby allowing for a large amount of automatic operation.
I will certainly be aware of this next time I think to make a suggestion.

On the point of RMB to disable edit points: Currently I select a curve, enable edits points -> move points -> then right-click to disable them. For this to work I must not activate any other tool before the 2nd RMB. Its very convenient and 'natural' since one tends to edit one curve at a time. My suggestion on double clicking was made with this workflow in mind.
I can see your point however and have dedicated some of the extra buttons on my Logitech mouse, to speed up curve editing.



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