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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi andras,

> Is it not possible to release an SDK for Moi or is it
> depends on browser systems ?

It is possible to have an SDK for MoI, but the big problem with it is the support - it would take a lot of time for me to help other programmers create various kinds of extensions, give them advice on how to do all kinds of complex things, help with debugging code, etc...

Currently that level of support time is not very easy for me to provide all by myself, I still have quite a lot of work that I want to do just improving various modeling functions with MoI first before working a lot on supporting developers like that.

You can get some idea of the work involved by browsing the Rhino plug-ins newsgroup, over there you can see that there are a couple of people from McNeel who spend quite a lot of time answering questions about how to use the SDK.

Then in addition to that support burden there is also a problem where providing an SDK kind of means locking things down and not changing things very much after that because you don't want to break extensions that have come to depend on having things structured in the current way. This is one reason why Rhino can't easily change a lot of things about the UI for example, if they change things too much it would break all the various plugins that people have created.

So that's also another reason why I haven't focused on releasing an SDK yet, I'm not quite ready to be in that sort of "locked down" state quite yet.

- Michael
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