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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Gent, thanks for posting these shots, they look good.

This type of stuff, like simple with fillets, and precision-oriented stuff should be good to do in MoI. There will be plenty of other types of models (especially characters/faces) that won't be good. So it is not a bad idea to just consider MoI to be an additional tool in the toolbox for you. I don't really consider it to be the one place that you will do every type of modeling in.

One thing that might be nice for you is the increased speed and simple UI should make it easier to just drop in to MoI to do simple models of this type when you need them. It shouldn't require that great of an investment of time to learn how to run it, I mean. Hopefully, anyway... :)

I'm glad that the shading is working well for you, I put a lot of effort into making the display fast even when you have a lot of little surfaces.

- Michael
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