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 From:  necko (NECKO77)
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yes i understand what you saying...

i just install blender and there is 3 option of movement

trasform, fly and turntable /easy switchable with button on spacenavigator/

Tranform - moving rotating scaling with 3dmouse selected object

Fly - Fly around - need more skilled user to be able to move around space...nothing is locked, you can roll, tilt, spin at the same time

turntable - is somthing like in moi. When i select object i move around it

so when i press left button on my 3dconnexion device i can switch between these 3.
With that is possible to fly around, select what you need, then go to turntable option, rotate around object

its very functional and now i can easely navigate trough Blender models !

Thx one more time for your time...
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