Loading large files into C4D

 From:  SteveMacc (STEVEH)
I normally use Modo to load LWO files created from MoI. I wanted to see how C4D handled the same file. particularly if there were any advantages in C4D's renderer. I have an LWO file that has around 500k polys (showing as 962k render triangles in Modo). Now, this file takes about 10 seconds to load into Modo. C4D spent 20 minutes and only got half way through, then failed with an out of memory error. This is using the 64 bit version.

Is it just that C4D doesn't like large LWO files (normally they load OK) or is anybody else having problems loading large files into C4D? I've not tried an OBJ yet, as I haven't had time to re-export, but I will in the next few days.

Edit: Just tried an OBJ file and C4D crashed after 10 minutes, about half way through.

EDITED: 15 Aug 2010 by STEVEH

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