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 From:  WillBellJr
The question you should ask is do you have anything that's not Vista compatible.

In my opinion, Vista was the Windows ME of the 32/64-bit era - in a word, a HOAKEY OS!

But as mentioned, a lot of device drivers were left behind when Vista was released - it took me a year if not more for me to finally get Vista compatible driver for my Okidata C5200n color laser printer!

If you see that everything you use is compatible with Vista then you should be okay.

Win 7 is actually a lot more compatible with certain software than Vista was and they cleaned up a lot of the flaws and problems Vista had also. (Of course Win7 has its issues too - I find the file search to be at times useless compared to previous versions...)

If you're absolutely strapped on XP then Win7 comes with a built-in "XP Mode" that you can run for programs that really require the Windows XP environment. That hopefully could hold you over until an update is released.

Good luck!

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