Grid Snap Fail (Offset Tool)
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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi NightCabbage,

> b) unit snap - where it snaps in 1 unit increments, on
> the plane in which the tool is working (1 unit = 1 grid
> unit, but the rotation and viewport grid doesn't matter
> here)

Yeah, case b is actually what is happening currently, it's what causes the problem.

The problem is that the "snap origin" (the central point that defines what the increments radiate out from) is the centroid of that curve which gives that snap grid a different alignment than the grid that you see in the viewport.

In v3 I should be able to fix this so that in the case where the curve's plane is parallel to the view's grid, that the view's grid origin will be taken as the snap origin instead.

- Michael
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