CAD blogger interested in MOI user stories

 From:  Michael Gibson
Deelip Menezes has a CAD-oriented blog here: and he's interested in doing some posts on different CAD systems, more from a kind of end user perspective on how a particular feature helped solve a problem or get a job done.

He'd like to reach someone who would be interested in sharing and writing a bit about their work like that.

If you're interested, please contact Deelip directly through e-mail at:
deelip (at) sycode (dot) com

It'd be kind of like doing a guest post on his blog, if you would like to share some interesting aspect of your particular work with MoI but do not have enough time to maintain your own blog, this could be a good fit.

Here is Deelip's message that he sent to me (posted here with permission) that explains what he's looking for:


I was wondering whether you could help me find a MOI user who wishes to write about his experience on a very specific feature of MOI. See

I am not interested in broad, all encompassing reviews, like the ones you get in magazines. I am looking for someone to talk about a specific feature of MOI and how he/she solved a problem, found a workaround or developed a process or similar.



- Michael


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