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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Oskar, yes generating 2D illustrations from 3D does tend to work better with NURBS models.

NURBS models in general are made out of broader surfaces which then in turn helps to get longer smooth curves to go in the drawing rather than a bazillion little jaggy lines.

MoI does not have a whole lot of stuff in this area yet, but there is some support currently.

> Is there any way to export curves back to .ai or .dwg?

Yup, AI is supported for writing curves. If you just do a SaveAs it's in the file types list there (scroll it down) and it will write out curves and edges to a 2D AI file.

If you have solid objects and you want to get a drawing from them, you'll probably want to use the Construct > Curve > Silhouette command to generate its silhouette curves first before exporting.

For some examples see:

- Michael
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