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 From:  Samuel Zeller
Hey everyone my name is Zeller Samuel im from Geneva and I learn 3D for around 2 years now when I was 17yr... and I love MoI
Im opening this thread where Im gonna put all my mess work and experiments made using MoI 3D
Since I got 3 weeks of free time I can finnaly share something *evil laugh*

If you have any questions, ask :)
Everything is rendered with Cinema 4D
If you want to see more work (<- website design done by me :P)
(I only worked on a few projects, 2008 and more)

Personal project, all geometry done in MoI (Video <-
Everything animated by hand keyframes (oh god it was boring)

Personal project, cubes and room done in MoI (Video ->

Personal project, all geometry done in MoI, this is one HUGE water tight volume, everything is boolean'ed

Personal project, see WIP thread

Commercial project, private client, all geometry done in MoI

Zeller Samuel 19yr old MoI lover


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